March 25, 2009

Send Free 25 SMS Across India at Mundu SMS

Mundu SMS a new service in India where you can send SMS across India either from your desktop, web, or mobile with nominal charges is giving away free 25 SMSs which you can use to send SMS to any mobile across in India. You will not be incurred with any roaming charges or other charges when sending regularly. This is a new service to India from Mundu which is actually a well known Instant Messaging service across the world where you can chat using any IM you from a single window.

With Mundu SMS you can send SMS up to 100 contacts or users at one go. You can also send up to 300 characters in one single SMS and will appear as a single SMS only. Aside from these free SMSs, you will be charged 15 paise per SMS afterwards regardless of the location you send the SMS to in India. You can get to know more features about Mundu SMS here.

And as a launch offer if you sign up for Mundu SMS you will first 25 SMS for free which you can use to send from your mobile or from your PC by downloading the appropriate Mundu SMS tool. You will need to sign up and download the Mundu SMS either on your supported mobile or on your PC and get to send the first 25 SMS absolutely free. Afterwards you will need to recharge your account from Rs. 50 and above and can send SMS across Indian mobiles only for 15 paise per SMS, as against the charges of Rs. 1 to Rs. 2 per SMS if you send it through your Mobile service provider.

What is more unique and best feature of sending SMS through Mundu SMS is the fact that the SMS will look like being sent from your own mobile number and does not look like it has been sent through a mobile SMS platform or even from your PC. This is indeed an unique and better feature which no other PC to mobile SMS platform has at least in India. With this your friend or the receiver will never know that you are indeed sending your through your desktop.

You can signup to Mundu SMS here and get the first 25 SMS free and afterwards send SMS for just 15 paise. It is indeed worth it.

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Abhishek said...

I have an awesome idea for this.
You can get $0.64 free for downloading a album, which can then be used to purchase more sms on this which will get us 300 sms for free!

If anyone interested do get back to me or check this post at my blog:

Sorry said...

Brilliant Service, I absolutely love it.. This neither fills up your SMS with promotional S**T like some other services nor does it force receivers to respond o a premium number.. Its just too good. The receiver will get a message reflecting your normal mobile number and when they reply the message will come to your cell.. Just try it !!